If Eurovision countries were pupils at school
  • UK: That student that was "going places" but now no longer cares
  • Slovenia: That student that always does its assignments near the deadline
  • Greece: That student who manages to complete every assignment even if his internet isn't working
  • Portugal: That student who tries really hard but never does anything right
  • Bloc countries: Those students that help and copy off each other constantly
  • Azerbaijan: Does good in school but gets accused of cheating by jealous students
  • Morocco: An exchange student who only stayed for a week
  • Turkey: The one who walks out of group projects because they don't get their way.
  • Italy: The student who misses class a lot and barely studies but still manages to do well anyway.
  • Spain: That student that shows up once a month and you have no idea how they're still in school.
  • Moldova: The over the top theatre student.
  • Malta: The loner who nobody really talks to.
  • The Nordics: The popular girl clique.
  • Estonia: The girl who's trying really hard to join the popular girl clique.
  • Latvia: That student that doesn't talk much but when they do it's really weird.
  • Belarus: the ESL student.
  • Australia: A student from another school that wants to move here but lives too far away, but still visits occasionally anyway

(Source: chipsprites)


Request from wildqueenofspirals: Kati Wolf- What About My Dreams? (Hungary 2011) (x)

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